Chris and Ophelia de Serres are survivors of abuse. They were brought together by an unwavering desire that men and women can and should heal together. Many organizations believe that women should heal with women. Men should heal with men. They have great respect for these approaches, but  imagine a world where the whole is always greater than the sum of it's parts. Men and women united is truly a greater force for change, and change is what they have in store. Chris and Ophelia work together. One male survivor. One female survivor. Two perspectives more similar than different. This commonality is the engine for evolution. A world without abuse, rape, sexual violence, and incest. A world that is educated. A world that doesn't hide behind ignorance. A world with empathy toward pain and suffering. A world with an unblinking defense of the vulnerable. Seeking to educate and empower with their unified message. Chris and Ophelia humbly make themselves available to your community centers, high schools, colleges, corporations, and spiritual centers. Let's begin our journey to a world without suffering. One man.  One woman. One force for change.


"The two weave pieces of their stories in such way that the audience is enlightened without being overwhelmed and ultimately led to a place of empowerment and hope. One cannot escape being touched, moved or transformed by their presentation."

—Joanna Snawder, Associate Director Institute for Women's Studies and Services, Metropolitan State College of Denver

Chris and Ophelia aim to eradicate abuse by breaking the silence in your community. Sharing their stories of abuse and the impact it’s had on their lives, they create an environment for profound change. Their approach emphasizes the impact created when men and women form a unified front. With the proper education and tools for change we are given the opportunity to work together towards the complete eradication of abuse. Chris and Ophelia invite us to open our hearts and minds in this non-judgmental, safe environment.

Christopher de Serres is a public speaker and freelance writer with a lifelong passion for psychology and sociology. He formed (Wo)Men Speak Out™ in 2007 with his wife Ophelia, a nonprofit organization providing education on the subject of rape, sexual assault and gender violence to both the public and private sector. Its primary focus is bringing together men and women, cultivating healthy relationships and gender equity. He currently works as Editor of Minizine, an online WSO publication. Chris has explored such subjects as the emotional and cultural impacts of abuse, gender constraints and recidivism in our communities. While much of his work serves his passions, he explores subjects that both educate and explore a more globally diverse context to include cultural variousness and the impact humans are having on the environment.

Ophelia de Serres brings over 8 years of experience in the field of assaulted women and children’s advocacy. She is Co-Founder of the non-profit organization (Wo)Men Speak Out™ , educating in the area of rape, sexual assault and gender violence. Ophelia is passionate in her advocacy outreach, finding it imperative to provide quality services to communities. She has served a diverse population in the field of mental health and sits on the Board of Directors with An Infinite Mind, a national organization which provides education and advocacy for individuals with dissociative disorders. Additionally, Ophelia serves as a volunteer with the Victim Support Team of the Seattle Police Department, working with victims of domestic violence.